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Please click here for Outboard Motor Manuals and Related Books
Please click here for General Marine Craft Manuals and Related Books

Yacht Manuals and Books

  1. Antarctic Oasis : Under the Spell of South Georgia
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Tim Carr, Pauline Carr

  2. Around the World Rally
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Jimmy Cornell / Paperback

  3. The Best of the Best : The Yacht Designs of Sparkman & Stephens
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Francis S. Kinney, Russell Bourne

  4. Boat Handling Under Power : A Motorboat and Yacht Owners' Guide
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. John Mellor / Paperback

  5. Choosing for Cruising : How to Select and Equip the Perfect Cruising Yacht
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. R. Bruce Roberts-Goodson, Bruce Roberts-Goodson

  6. Classic Yacht Interiors
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Jill Bobrow, et al

  7. Complete Book of Yacht Care
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Michael Verney

  8. Do It Yourself Yacht Improvements
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Reg Minal / Paperback

  9. Effective Skippering : A Comprehensive Guide to Yacht Mastery
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. John Myatt, Neil Myatt (Illustrator)

  10. Floaters (Wheeler Large Print Book Series (Cloth))
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Joseph Wambaugh

  11. Glenans Guides : Yacht Handling Under Sail
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Peter Davison / Paperback

  12. Helming and Yacht Handling
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Stuart Quarrie

  13. The Hinckley Guide to Yacht Care : How to Keep Your Boat the Hinckley Way
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Henry R. Hinckley

  14. How to Choose the Richt Yacht
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Joachim F. Muhs / Paperback

  15. The Innovative Yacht : Ideas for Modern Cruising
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Andrew Simpson

  16. Maiden Voyage
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Tania Aebi, Bernadette Brennan / Paperback

  17. N by E
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Rockwell Kent / Paperback

  18. Osmosis & Glassfibre Yacht Construction
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Tony Staton-Bevan / Paperback

  19. Principles of Yacht Design
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Lars Larsson, Rolf Eliasson

  20. Race Winning Strategies : Smart Lessons With Deep Dakron
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Tom Linskey, Tadami Takahashi / Paperback

  21. Sail, Race and Win : Developing a Winning Attitude
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Eric Twiname, Cathy Foster / Paperback

  22. The Sea Never Changes : My Singlehanded Trimaran Race Around the World
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Olivier De Kersauson, Olivier De Ketsauson / Paperback

  23. Siren's Lullaby
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. William P. Kennedy

  24. Something Worth Doing : The Sub-Arctic Voyage of Aqua Star
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Judith Wright Chopra

  25. Sou'West in Wanderer 4
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Eric C. Hiscock, Hiscick

  26. The Thousand Dollar Yacht
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Anthony Bailey / Paperback

  27. Ticonderoga : Tales of an Enchanted Yacht (Mystic Seaport Museum Book)
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Jack A. Somer

  28. Time on Ice : A Winter Voyage to Antarctica
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Deborah Shapiro, Rolf Bjelke

  29. Two Yachts, Two Voyages
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Eric Hiscock

  30. Understanding the Yacht Racing Rules Through 1988
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Dave Perry

  31. Uphill All the Way : A Crew Member's Inside Story of the Bt Global Challenge
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Alan Sears / Paperback

  32. Voyaging Under Power
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Robert P. Beebe, James F. Leishman (Editor)

  33. The Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Gary Jobson, et al / Paperback

  34. Winning Races : All You Need to Know to Improve Your Yacht's Performance
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. John Heyes / Paperback

  35. Yacht and Small Craft Design; From Principles to Practice
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Gordon Trower (Limited availability)

  36. Yacht Designing and Planning : For Yachtsmen, Students, and Amateurs
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Howard I. Chapelle

  37. Yacht Racing Protests and Appeals
    ~Ships in 2-3 days. Jack Feller

  38. Yacht Style : Design and Decor Ideas from the World's Finest Yachts
    ~Usually ships in 24 hours. Daniel Spurr, Dan Spurr / Paperback

Please click here for Outboard Motor Manuals and Related Books
Please click here for General Marine Craft Manuals and Related Books

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ppi Have you taken out a credit card, mortgage, secured loan, unsecured loan or hire purchase agreement in the last 10 years? If you have (or have had) a mortgage, loan or credit card with providers such as Abbey, Barclaycard, MBNA, Halifax, HSBC, HBOS, Lloyds, Natwest, RBS or in fact any other credit provider, you may be able to reclaim up to 15,000 if you were sold PPI insurance - in most cases even if you've lost the paperwork.

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