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The Mystery Shopping Recruitment Club© Press Release.

The Virtual Customer has arrived.

Rob has got it made. He lives his life as normal and gets paid for it. He does all the things most of us do apart from going to work. His life is his work.

Rob is a Mystery Shopper.

Whenever you visit a major fast food restaurant or well known retail chain, have you ever wondered how they usually manage to maintain a consistently high level of service no matter how many branches they have? It is not left to chance.

Rob, 43 says "They all use mystery shoppers to pose as diners or buyers to evaluate the service at ground level. Thousands of ordinary people get paid to go shopping, eat out in a restaurant or just go out for a drink." He says that fees per visit vary between companies, but are usually between about UK£7.00 (US$12) and UK£20.00 (US$34) and expenses are paid - yes that really does mean that your food, drink and petrol is paid for as well.

Mystery Shoppers choose which assignments are most suitable for them and work for one or more Mystery Shopping companies on a casual basis. They all work from home and are offered assignments over the phone. Some work just an hour a week, others work as many as they can manage.

They get to pick and choose which jobs are suitable for them - they would never have to go anywhere where they would not feel comfortable. The clients always prefer that the Mystery Shopper reflects the type of customer that uses his or her business - in fact they are a "Virtual Customer".

They would visit pubs, supermarkets, steak houses and fast food restaurants to check out the service and fill in a simple questionnaire.

A typical day would consist of a couple of Mystery Shopping phone calls in the morning. Then perhaps lunch at a pub or restaurant followed by a couple of visits to local stores in the afternoon. Many evenings are rounded off with another restaurant visit, just a drink in a pub or maybe a cinema visit.

Occasionally you may get to stay overnight at a hotel or, if you are really lucky, you get to go on holiday with all expenses paid.

As many situations as you can think of are "Mystery Shopped" including travel agents, opticians, banks, cinemas, bingo halls and rail stations.

Rob says "I can see the level of service improving all the time since the inception of Mystery Shopping. It has been in use for many years now, but only in the last two or three years has it really taken off. Nearly all the major retailers, fast food restaurants and pubs use it."

Rob also runs The Mystery Shopping Club© on the Internet for anyone who is interested in becoming a Mystery Shopper. He says "I provide contact details of the various companies and then supply support through the application process, although in practice it is very simple. Mystery shopping companies always need new people - there is massive growth at the moment and it looks set to continue."

Rob can be reached by phone on 01245 465473 (UK), 44 1245 465473 from elsewhere or e-mail at

His web address is where information on how to become a Mystery Shopper is available.

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